How to Determine Quality?

Should quality matter to me? How do I know what to look for?

When it comes to making purchases, you get what you pay for. Your film conversion project is no different! While some companies may offer unbelievably cheap prices, you will want to be aware of what quality you are getting in return. Take notice to the resolution the film is being scanned at, what equipment is being used, as well as what post conversion edits are done to your images.


The main factor in determining the quality of your digital images is what resolution your film is scanned at. The higher the resolution, the better the end result will be. Make sure you choose a provider that is upfront about what resolution options are available for your film. If there are no selections, it is very likely that the work is being completed at a subpar quality.


You should also take notice of what equipment is being used to convert your film to digital. There are cut-rate, inexpensive scanners, and there are costly professional grade scanners. There is also a huge difference between the results that they provide. If you want what is best for your film, make sure that they are being scanned on high-quality equipment, such as Nikon film scanners.

Digital Color Correction

There are digital corrections that can be made once your photos, negatives, and slides have been digitized. These adjustments can enhance that appearance of your digital images, and improve their overall appearance, and therefore- quality.

Quality is extremely important to strive for in your digitization project and should be the main consideration when choosing a film conversion provider. It is crucial to get your film in as soon as possible, as your end result is only great if your items are in good condition. Your film is deteriorating every second of every day, so give your priceless memories the best chance possible and order from Larsen Digital now!