Digital Archiving

Archive & Protect All Your Digital Files & Videos In The Cloud

Computer crash, discs get lost & scratched and houses burn down. No matter where you save your data it is vulnerable to something happening. That is why we always recommend having a backup stored outside your home and in a safe form - the cloud. Cloud service providers become more affordable every day, and offer protection to our priceless memories. There are many cloud providers out there, so you need to decide which company best fits your life.

Here is our RULE OF 3 Recommendation:

Have your digital images backed up in 3 places. First, have your local copy on your home computer, so it is easy to access. If it's a video file, your local copy can be a playable DVD for your TV. Second, have a copy on an external hard drive. That way if your home computer crashes all your files are backed up on an external drive. Third, Store it in the cloud! Have a backup in the cloud. If your home were to flood or burn down, both your home computer, discs & external hard drive could be lost. It is critical to keep a copy of your irreplaceable files outside your home. That way, whatever disaster may strike, there will always be at least one copy that is safe.

Here are a few cloud service providers:

Google Drive