Tips on Preparing Your Slides for Digital Conversion

Prep Video Slides

Slide Prep

Step 1: Un-Organized Slides

If you don't know the order you want your slides scanned in, just send them in to us as they are; we will scan them and we can upload them to our Online Image Organization system. This system allows you to organize your images after we scan them.

Step 2: Organized Slides

If you do know the order you want your slides scanned in, the preparation steps are simple!

You can leave your slides in the carousels if you want, and label each carousel with a title.

Carousels weigh more than the slides they are holding, so this will increase your shipping costs. If you want to keep your costs down, you can take your slides out of the carousels and send only the slides.

Step 3: Slide Bundles

If you take the slides out of the carousels, or other slide containers you will want to bundle them into groups.

Try an avoid bundling more than 50 slides in each bundle because rubber bands can break if you exceed that amount. If your group has more than 50 slides, just create two bundles & label them, so we know they belong to the same group. Example "Group 1a," "Group 1b"

Label your bundles so that we can add a title for each group. Make sure you write clearly, or better - type up the titles & print it out.

Step 4: Slide Groups

We offer 1 group for every 50 slides you send in, you can divvy your groups up however you want. For example, if you have 200 slides you will receive 4 groups at no charge.

The first group could have 80 slides, the next could have 20, the next could have 30 and the last could have 70. If you need additional groups over the allotted amount it will be $2 per group.

*this does not apply to groups created online; you can create as many groups online as you wish.

If your slides are in plastic protector sheets, and you have a specific order you want the slides scanned in, just number & label the sheets.

Step 5: Handling Fees

Slides received with metal clips attached to the slide, will receive a 15¢ handling charge per slide.

110 Format slides received in 1" mounts will also receive a 30¢ handling fee per slide.

For a full list of our handling fees Click Here

Step 6: Order Form

Fill out our order form, if you need help at any time, don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-776-8357.

Step 7: Package & Ship

Place all your items in a shipping box with packing material so that your slides are not jumbled around in the box. Make sure you include your order form in your box so we know who the slides belong to when they arrive.

We accept shipments from all carriers, so you can pick whichever carrier is most convenient for you. We do recommend either UPS or Fed Ex because they offer the ability to track your package.
We do not recommend using the Post Office to ship your slides

If you have different sizes of film, they will need to be scanned separately. We cannot intermix different sizes of film because each size requires a special scanner. Our Online Image Organizer will allow you to create the exact sequence after your images have been scanned.

Step 8: We Take Care of the Rest!

Once we receive your package we will notify you by e-mail that your package has arrived and the date we expect it to be completed. It's that easy!