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Beginners Guide to Copying From a Disc to Your Computer

Getting files from a disc to your computer is easy!

Step 1

First, you want to put the disc in your computer. Once your computer has loaded the disc you should see a pop up asking what you want to do with the disc. Scroll down to "Open Folder View Files". This will allow you to see all the data files on your disc.

Step 2

You will want to select all the files on your disc. To do this, click once on the first file while holding down the SHIFT key and then click on the last file while still holding the shift key. Now all your files should be highlighted.

Right click with your mouse & select "COPY"

Step 3

Now you just need to locate where you will be saving your files.

Open Windows Explorer or go to "My Computer" you will want to select a spot on your hard drive to save your files. See below for instructions to create a new folder

To paste your files onto your computer you right click & select "PASTE".

Your files will start to copy to your computer. This may take some time depending on the size of the files & the speed of your computer.

Creating a Folder to save your files

You don't want to just "dump" your files onto your hard drive. You will want to have them saved in a folder with a title.

Step 1

Inside Windows Explorer or "My Computer" you will want to select a drive where you want the files saved. Once you have selected your drive, you will right click & select "NEW" & then select "FOLDER"

Step 2

Next you will want to name your folder - use a name that applies, don't leave the default title of "New Folder (1)". If you accidentally set the folder name and want to change it, click once on the folder & right click & select "RENAME". This will allow you to rename your folder.



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