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Beginners Guide to Emailing Photos

Sharing digital photos with friends & family is exciting for everyone - as long as you an figure it out! If you are unsure of the steps to send a photo using email, don't worry, it's easy.

Step 1- Emailing Digital Photos

Create a new message or reply to an email.

Step 2- Emailing Digital Photos

You need to attach the digital photo the email message. To do this, the usual icon is a paperclip.

emailing digital photos how to attach pictures

Step 3- Emailing Digital Photos

A box will pop up allowing you to "browse" your hard drive to find your file. Once you have found your file you will want to select it. To do that, you can either double click on it, or click once & then hit "okay" or "attach". Some email programs require you to hit "attach" again.

That's it! You are ready to send!


Some email carriers have limits on the file size of email attachments or you might be sending an email to someone with a slow internet speed. Make sure the file you are sending is not too large. Anything over 5MB should probably be resize. Check out instructions on resizing digital image.